Agile made easy for everyone on your team.

User Story Map

Story Maps Made Simple

Intuitive UX helps you and your agile team to quickly build an elegant story map. Drag and drop epics and stories to capture your customer's journey in a visual map.

Effective Backlog Grooming

Inline editing for story summaries and story point estimates lets you easily keep your backlog updated, resulting in improved product backlog quality.

Smooth Sprint Planning

Your team can see sprint statistics at a glance; ensuring sprints are filled to capacity but over commitment is prevented. Achieve and maintain a sustainable pace.


Epic Roadmap Calendar

Drag epics from the unscheduled backlog onto the calendar to show when the team will work on an epic.

Theme Swimlanes

Create swimlanes to group streams of work or teams. Easily drag epics between themes as needed..

Version & Static Markers

Highlight important dates with static markers. Show versions - from start to release date - so stakeholders can clearly see what epics are in a given version.

Easy Agile Customers

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